Auto tune EVO graphical mode, cubase 4

Hi, I’m running Cubase 4 setup for 24 inputs and 24 outputs via digi 9652 card, routing through a conventional analog desk. I’ve never delved into learning how the virtual mixer function within cubase works.

When I try and use Autotune EVO plugin on a vocal track in graphical mode, (or automatic mode) I can’t preview the changes I make to evaluate them. Is there a way to route the output of the plugin to one of the digi9652 outputs so I can solo the plugin in real time?

I’m guessing you have Direct Monitoring switched on (maybe)?
Or constrain plugin delay compensation switched on?
Otherwise the plugin should be working in realtime when inserted into a track!

If Autotune is inserted on a track, it will work real time in automatic mode.

However, If I want to do note by note editing in the graphic mode window, I can’t review the data to hear which notes need adjustment, after the audio is imported into the graphical editing window within autotune.

Antares has the worst customer support I have seen. It’s bad enough the manuals they provide aren’t very comprehensive, but then they have 2nd party companies trying to market “how to” videos on learning to use the Antares product.

I finally had to watch a Youtube video of someone whose English I could barely understand, to learn how to import the audio file into the graphical editor. I would expect the manual should explain each and every function, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.