Auto tune

I have Cubase Artist 9 And wondered does it have Auto tune. If not, what are some good plugin Auto tunes.

I don’t think it does.
Antares Auto-tune is the standard.
There’s also Waves Tune

I might be wrong but I think Cubase 9 already had the stock plugin called “Steinberg pitchcorrect” which is “Autotune” and works as good as it.

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thanks yes it does have pitch correct will try it thanks.

Yes you’re right, sorry for misleading

@ almaelectronix. Your’re welcome.

@raven1111. Just as a hint or note if you havn’t worked with Cubase PitchCorrect plugin. It is turned off by default (speed parameter) and does no pitch correction in that state. So at least speed must be dialed-up…

thanks did it works great , thanks heaps guys

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