Autofilter for Cubase?

I was shown a feature of Logic called “Autofilter” the other day. I was wondering if there is an equivalent in Cubase 4? Or 6?

Tonic, maybe?

Is this included with Cubase or is it a download? Do you have a link?


Tonic comes with Full Cubase 6, don’t know about older versions.

Included. At least since Cubase4.
Here’s a screenshot:

For more information, go to:
Download manual and have a look at Plug-in Reference.

Looks like only with full Cubase. At least according to manual.

I think that’ll do; I’ll check out the manual.

I just ordered my upgrade off of Amazon for $150. I was going to wait a bit because I thought Steinberg was running the upgrade price until the end of January, but the home page has got it for $199 now, so… Time for the upgrade/update!