Autohotkey -- Left Click Drag Add Note. Right Click Drag Delete Note

- Left Click Drag: Add Note

- Right Click Drag: Delete Note(s)

CapsLock to toggle this function on/off within Cubase. Usable also in the playlist? editor (FL Studio vocabulary). There is a small mouse cursor indicator whenever you toggle on/off to show if the script is on or off.

Be careful to not leave it on when you don’t want it on.

(I also posted this on Cubase subreddit. The download links are on there because I can’t post link here)

I am not yet familiar with Cubase (still on trial version waiting for a 12 Pro deal), so if there is anything that can be added to improve this further for Cubase users, please let me know. I am not experienced in programming at all, so it might take a while (or forever depending if I can figure it out) to add other features.

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thank you

ahk file (requires Autohotkey installed):


I don’t want to share the .exe because someone complained on reddit that it doesn’t work at all and conflicts with cubase commands. I run Cubase with default settings except for the audio driver and the script definitely works.

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thank you, but I´m not sure if I understand the benefit, with a double click I can add a note and I have a key command to delete the selected notes, this script does something better?

If you are used to the workflow in Cubase already, there isn’t much benefit. It’s really for people who are used to FL Studio’s midi note adding/deleting workflow that will find this useful.

I want single click add/remove MIDI note in all my DAWs, so I can’t stand when a DAW doesn’t do that. I’d say it’s more about taste than usefulness. Who knows, maybe if you try it for a few days, it will stick with you forever.

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…and a double-click deletes a note when the Double-Click Opens Note Expression switch is turned off. this feature was actually added at the request of former FL Studio users.

See manual entry: Deleting Note Events.

Deleting Note Events


  • Perform one of the following actions:
    • Select the Erase tool and click the event.
    • Select the Object Selection tool and double-click the event.


If Double-Click Opens Note Expression Editor is activated on the Key Editor toolbar, double-clicking a note event opens the note expression editor instead.


The note event is deleted.