AutoHotKey Script to target InfoLine Description?

Pretty sure I saw this somewhere in the forums once where AHK could be used to positionally click on the infoline description (so long as your Window position is consistent).

Anyone have this?


@ggmanestraki you seem to know how to do this? maybe I can borrow some of your script?

Sure, just let me dig it up. Which info line are we talking about? The project page or in editors?

Project Page, I’ll have to create two because Markers/MIDI and Audio events have different name/description position in the infoline



Ok, I’ll be right back and we can later fine-tune.

Info Line Click using (497 Bytes)

Let’s start from here. I assumed 1920x1080, Status line off.
As long as the main project window is in focus, pressing V will take you to the first field of the Info line. You can tab to go to the next field. (I chose V because it’s not taken by default.)

And steve’s got the easiest solution. Even though I went through the 10.5.20 key commands one by one in the summer, I fail to remember even half of them. :face_with_head_bandage:

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Quick note on this- the command image (Edit Info Line) focuses the Name field, and then one can tab to the other fields for precise control.


Ohhh I forgot about that, I had swore there was a key command for something with infoline but was searching ‘description’, ‘name’, etc

So I just need an AHK script that can ‘Edit Info Line’ and Tab then (sorry @ggmanestraki)


The script does like the key command, except it can’t follow if you activate the status line. Then it will misclick.
Do you want an extra tab baked in so you go to the second info field directly?

I guess if I can get AHK to send key command

WinKey+E (WinKey hence AHK script already in use) (which I’ve now assigned to Edit Info Line)

and then Tab

and then have all this AHK be a shortcut key in itself, say WinKey+Alt+E

Is that possible?


I guess AHK could also be used to cue entry fields in the Project Logical Editor as well, in regards to renaming/append/prepend PLE scripts… damn… down the AHK hole I go…

Definitely failing to figure out my above post

You’re over-complicating and convoluting things. :thinking:

Look for the simplest way for each
Note that if you use clicks from ahk, this will break under many conditions. Finding images (another popular attempt) in ahk is also pointless, as you’ll be forever editing to adapt to any change in the UI.

in the ahk script just
(your keystroke for Edit Info Line)

And then make sure you never change the info line config.

not following

what if I want both

#e for first entry (WinKey+E)

and then

#!e for second entry (WinKey+Alt+e)

essentially I would need


to run


and then


That’s what I’m currently trying to figure out without success

If I were you, I’d avoid adding modifiers to the Winkey combinations. It doesn’t work as easily as any other +^! combination, because it’s a special case.

You can add sleeps and sends as you wish to modify a hotkey. For example, if you have assigned the Play button to edit the info line, you can use v to send the other command.

Send {Media_Play_Pause}
sleep, 50
Send {tab}

You can also do pairs under circumstances. e.g.

v & 1:: do one thing
v & 2:: do another thing
v & 3:: do yet another thing

but v will not do anything on its own.

Generally, I assign things to ahk so that they are invisible to Cubase, OR make them work only #IfWinActive, so that I don’t mess with Cubase’s assignments.

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Interesting, good tips

I ended up signing up to the AHK forums and got some help potentially, about to try


Yeah went with that dudes second suggestion in the forum and it works flawless!!!

Lol, it works with gosub?!

Edit: Saving this bit of information!

I don’t even know what gosub is! but apparently yeah. I would have never figured this script out despite it being a few lines lol

Gosub is like a goto, but I never knew you could point to another hotkey!

cool! coding :cowboy_hat_face:s

For reference, anyone interested this is the full code

#SingleInstance Force

#e::Send {U+0183}
Gosub, #e
Send {Tab}

(# = WinKey)
(! = Alt)
(e = e)

you should be able to change anything to whatever you want using this as a guide


thanks @ggmanestraki and @steve, @ggmanestraki I saved your initial code for future reference in different circumstances

ahhhh yes, this expands so much workflow possibilities

What’s the advantage or difference between these?

Gosub, #e
Send {Tab}


#!e::Send, ^!i{tab}

I’m not %100 sure what you’re asking… But I think you’re asking why I didn’t just create a new command (or use an already existing one?).

I’m pretty much out of standard keybinds without AutoKey giving me the WinKey. Wanted to use ‘E’ for edit info line, so WinKey+E. Figured to edit description/2ndfield, adding ‘Alt’ made sense and easy to remember.

Also I believe ^!i{tab} would be ctrl+alt+i+tab all at once, which would not initiate the standard OS tab protocol but maybe I’m wrong on that.