AutoHotkey support (TAB key unsupported)

Using AutoHotkey in Dorico is currently quite limited, especially if you want some flexibility.
One reason is because you can’t access controls, but there’s nothing (I think) that can be done about it:

Another reason though, where something could be done, is that the “TAB” key is currently mostly useless. By using the TAB key one can generally traverse all the elements in a software. This can definitely be done in Qt, but right now, for example, I cannot traverse the various options in the lower zone.

So I would suggest giving the various elements in the page a TAB index, or whatever it is called, in order to make the TAB key useful.

In general the controls in the main window cannot be accessed using Tab. This is a deliberate choice, on the grounds that we want the Tab key to function with regard to the music itself (in Engrave mode it is used to navigate between the different handles on items, and in Write mode it is used to navigate between items at the same rhythmic position).

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I see. It makes sense indeed.
Well, there are workarounds, like integrating the native LUA scripts.