Autohotkey trouble with Click commands in C 7.5

I have tried searching for this, but really nothing comes up.

I’m trying to script Cubase 7.5 on Win7 Ultimate 64bit with AHK and after some minor success, I got totally stuck with the fact that Click, or MouseClick, just moves the mouse to the coordinates, but Cubase doesn’t react to it, no matter what are the parameters and not even on major buttons.

The weirdest thing is that it worked on the beginning, but it just stopped. I have no idea what could have caused the change.

Any ideas would be great!


it’s working as expected here.

here’s an example of clicking i may use at one point or another:

CubaseClick(XX, YY)

		MouseGetPos, xxpos, yypos ; save the current mouse coordinates to move the mouse back at the end of the script
		MouseClick, left, XX, YY
		MouseMove, %xxpos%, %yypos%,