AutoHotkey use with Cubase

I’ve been (kinda purposefully) ignoring AutoHotkey for awhile. I know there are some real fans of using it with Cubase and was wondering what kinds of things folks use it for? Especially interested in how it is used to get around the limitations of Macros, Logical Editors and GUI navigation in Cubase. Also curious about how it is used in conjunction with Metagrid.

I dipped my toe in AHK for a while. I mainly used it for sending clicks to places where no key command can go. To quickly change Key Command Presets (Open Key commands window via keycommand, click in presets field, send letter of preset and then enter. Or controlling stuff that it’s impossible to have a key command for. For example:

By the way, this script might not work at all anymore because it makes use of image search to click, I haven’t checked it for 11, nor do I use it. Everyone is free to edit it and play with the guts of it though, just don’t expect it to be AAA stable.

This was to be used mainly with my laptop, as I use a tablet in my desktop with Touch Portal (a PC metagrid-ish program, no MIDI though.)

I’ve found that AHK has a steep learning curve for people not familiar with programming, like me, and even the simplest task can hide surprises. Also, window controls and elements of Cubase are kind of hidden to AHK, so you need to employ different methods to send clicks to Cubase.

Edit: Another use case is to execute macros that for some reason fall flat on their face in Cubase. The following is not AHK (it’s touch portal), but it could be. The important thing here is the “sleep” function, to wait up on the program. Other than that, it’s just a matter of sending key commands one after the other, with the ability to wait (sleep) and use the system keys too. (tab and shift tab to go from field to field, escape to get out of a field, etc.)