AutoLFO Problem

I’m using Cubase 10 Pro and I have encountered the following issue with AutoLFO Midi plugin:
every time a project using AutoLFO is opened, AutoLFO doesn’t seem to follow set range until the values are touched again.

Hopefully Steinberg will finally take notice and fix it, as this small issue can cause annoyance. Thank you.


Reported to Steinberg CAN-23531.

a little off topic, but I have been going a bit nuts trying to find a way to make the auto LFO modulate EQ filter frequency on an instrument track insert. Is this possible? Using either Cubase’s frEQuency EQ or Pro Q3.

I have been using the sine line tool to draw in modulation manually but it’s a bit of a pain when it comes to adjusting mod depth as there are so many modulation markers to move at the apex & base of each sine modulation. If the sine tool used bezier curves it’d be somewhat easier, but surely there must be a way to use Auto LFO to modulate these parameters.

Sorry to derail the topic, but Auto LFO is something I am not particularly familiar with & info in the manual on this tool is somewhat lacking.


Unfortunately it’s not really simple here. And with Instrument Track impossible, in fact. You would need a Rack Instrument and event then it needs some more complicated setup.

You would need a MIDI Track. From the MIDI Track you would send the Auto LFO via MIDI Send to any MIDI out (ini the best case virtual one). Then in the Generic Remote Device you would set this MIDI Out port as a MIDI In and you would set that this particular MIDI Controller (you would send) controls the EQ filter, or other parameter. Unfortunately you can’t route it internally.

Thanks for the response Martin.

That’s kind of a shame. I guess I’ll just be sticking to the sine line tool in automation lanes for this purpose then.


Yes, that’s the best way, I would say.