Automate amp sims


I’m trying to figure out how to automate vst plugins. For example I’m using amp sims for live performance and want to automate the wah pedal. Can this be done or is this feature not available yet?

Sure, anything that sends midi data can automated :slight_smile:
You can record the pedal or do it in Cubase manually and import the midi file into vl
No need for midi notes as addition. You can only write midi cc in Cubase and import that file, then choose the right input for the track and then u can play it and have the automation :slight_smile:

Normally I would just record the automation in Cubase. How do I do that to a midi track when it’s audio?

Wait I’m not sure if I understand it right. You wanna load vst Instrument and change der the midi cc for the wah pedal right? Because if you load an vst there is normally no audio track? Or you mean export as audio from Cubase? You need to export as midi not audio

This will be a vst effect not an instrument vst. playing audio in real time from the Stacks tab. I would like to just automate the wah pedal from the vst effect so I wouldn’t need any type of physical controller

… automation data for VST Plug is on our list. But at the moment VL 1.1.0 does not supported it.

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