Automate CC channels In Midi track

Hey team,
I would like to switch between CC1 through to CC8.
I’m trying to accomplish this in Cubase 12 via a Midi track, through key changes.
In other words how do I make a midi key/note send CC message to vst.
In Example
Note C3 = CC1
Note D3 = CC2
Note E3 = CC3

You can use Expression Maps for this.

  1. Go to MIDI > Expression Map Setup…
  2. Hit + (plus) in the left section of the window (to add an Expression Map), then add three (or more) Sound Slots (plus button in the middle of the window).
  3. Add for each sound slot the CC number and value you need (plus sign in the right section of the window).

This is it basically…


Absolute legend!
Thank you

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That’s nice of you to say. I appreciate it.
I forgot to say that, for this to work, the MIDI track needs to be set to the Expression Map you made (“Untitled” E-Map).

I thought I was missing something, but i still haven’t got it.
Do i then push “Set Remote Keys” in the bottom left.
Could you please take a look a this.

Try replacing the “0” with any other value.

No, you do not.

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I take my hat off to you sir, for due diligence and good deeds. thank you its working!
BUT and a BIG BUT it only works with the “keyboard” inside the midi editor, but not with actual notes written inside the editor. (if that makes sense)

In the screenshot above it appears that you deleted the “CC” Output mapping…

Yes. It makes perfect sense. I forgot about that, sorry.

With the down side being that you will need to export your finished project in real time (otherwise you’ll hear nothing from GateLab), here’s what you can do:

  1. Create a virtual MIDI port and exclude it from “All MIDI Inputs”. This port will allow you to control the main MIDI track (the one that is set to the expression map you created) from a secondary MIDI track (which will simulate your fingers pressing the keys).

  2. Activate the monitor icon on the main track (black speaker on yellow background), then add a secondary MIDI track:

  3. Set the Input and Output of the tracks as follows:

  • Track “secondary”.
    Input must be set to “All MIDI Inputs”; Output must be set to the virtual MIDI port.
    Everything you play on your MIDI keyboard while this track is armed for record will be sent to track “main”. The recorded MIDI events will also be perceived as if they originated directly from your MIDI keyboard (external keyboard), which solves the problem you encountered (last post’s big “but”).
  • Track “main”.
    Input must be set to the virtual port; Output must be set to GateLab.
    You will have zero MIDI events on this track. Its main purpose is to convert MIDI Note events into MIDI CC events (via the Expression Map).
  1. After you compose the part for this VSTi (for GateLab), it would be nice to have at your disposal a function that renders this part in real time (Real Time RIP). Since you don’t have it, you can either:
    A) solo the tracks and export with “Create Audio Track” selected (in “After Export” drop-down menu, “Export Audio Mixdown” window). After this, you will be able to export the whole project without “real time” checked.
    B) export the whole project as is.
    In both cases you need to do a real time export, which is not exactly nice, I know.

If you have any questions (about what I previously wrote), please ask.

Tracks in action (I modulated the "Resonance" parameter of a Halion Sonic 7 Trumpet patch; what you hear is what you can see in the above screenshot)

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Dear Mr alin89c,
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for going the extra mile with this slightly elongated task. Its been a lesson and a half, cheers mate.

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