Automate effect insert to off?

I’ve automated some eq settings in my song. Is there also a way you can automate the effect plugin to turn off?

Using an EQ as insert, I would automate this one :

Thank you, could you briefly describe how i can acess this feature? Is it only possible with cubase stock plugins?

I usually create first an automation lane, then choose the appropriate parameter by clicking on its label : it opens a menu which is a kind of ‘standard’ parameters list. But the in depth one is available, clicking on the More… option of this menu, placed at the end of the available ‘standard’ parameters list.

And about the availability of this parameter, I guess it depends of the plug-in involved. Actually, and concerning EQ, I only use the Cubase bundled ones…

What a timing with your reply, just opened up cubase and found the bypass in the automation. Thank you very much for you detailed answer :heart_eyes:

Hi Skahall.
Besides what cubic13 already told you could also use 2 other ways which are really simple:

  • hit the write (W) button in your eq, start the playback of your song and hit the bypass button or
  • right-click on the bypass button and choose the option “show automation lane” (maybe not available for all inserts)
    Maybe you wanna try these out as well…

Thank you i’ll try this, haven’t managed to do it yet :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

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