Automate exact amount

If I want to lower a section by, for example, exactly -3dB how would I do so? All I see so far is dragging the automation to “roughly” where it needs to be, maybe that’s as close as -3.07dB but how do I do it exactly?

Also once I have written volume automation is there a way to lower the entire track’s volume? Because once I write automation if I try to type a number into the volume of a track nothing it happen. I come from Reaper where this is possible–that is to lower a part of a track by say -3dB whereas the entire track is -2dB making that part technically -5dB but let’s say during the mix I change my mind and lower the track to -3dB now the automated part is technically -6dB but it is still written as -3dB. Is there a feature like this in Cubase?


Several methods…

I typically use the Info Line. It is there where you can type the exact number you want for an automation point. You can also change the gain(volume) level for the whole automated event by entering a value in the info line.

You can also activate the “Trim” function (available in the automation panel) to change the value of all or a certain group of automation.

Check these things in the manual so that you understand how they work.

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More info about the “Info Line”…

The “Info Line” is activated in the “Setup Windows Layout” menu which is accessed by clicking the “Gear” looking icon button located in the CB top toolbar.

Audio track volume can be changed by entering a value in the “Volume” section.
Instrument track can be changed by entering a value in the “Velocity” section.
In either track the whole track volume can be changed or each individual highlighted events can be changed.

Automation values are changed by entering into the “Value” section. Can be done to one or as many automation points you want.

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I wish cubase had relative automation like Reaper. But what I do is I insert a gain plugin and automate that instead of the volume fader. That way I can use the volume fader later to control the overall level of the track while preserving the level automation.