Automate flexphrase ?


Is there a way to change the Flexp during the song ? I tried to configure this in Ableton but could not find a way ; currently if i want to use the same instrument but with variations in the Flexp, i need to duplicate channels. Any better ideas ?

If it’s not possible, PLEASE do it in next versions, would be fantastic.

Thanks !

I’ve gotten some interesting results by having a FlexPhrased patch follow a chord track.

However, I do not think it is possible to change the actual phrases used in FlaxPhrased patches. You can turn off the flex phrase and I’m pretty sure that the on/off state of the phrases could be automated.

I’ve also found that the part of the phrase that plays depends on where the chords are placed in the measure. I’m disappointed that I can’t import my own phrases or edit those provided. I wonder if the full Halion does that?