automate split & save long Wav file to separate audio files?

Hi all,

So I have one long wav file containing over 200 sound effects, each separated by a few seconds silence. Is there a way in cubase i can automatically split these tracks by detecting start and end points then somehow batch export them to all indiviual wav files with increment numbers?

I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s come across long single files containing multiple audio tracks and wondered what the most efficient way of working with them is.
thanks for any suggestions and help?

Sean :smiley:

None I know of in Cubase.

Your objective is easily met with Wavelab. It’s in WLpro, but I’m not sure if it’s in the other cheaper WL versions. You set the detection time plus thresholds and you are pretty much set. This plus combining with the fabulous flexibility of WL batch processing is the ticket. In batch processing you can convert files, normalize, etc.

Use “detect silence” to split it up.
Use “Render In Place” and adjust it to save separate files to a specific folder.
Should work, but havent tested.

This subject has come up before, so there should be some threads in this forum with advice about macros you can create to help automate this process, especially batch exporting the sections after they’ve been defined.

Thanks for your ideas but this solution worked best for me, no need for Wavelab, other plugs or complicated proceedures… just can’t believe I never new about this feature beofre! thaks Peakae, perfect job done :smiley: