Automate Tempo-track via MIDI-CC?

Hey guys,

How can I automate the virtual tempo-track fader to an Midi-Controller-fader or knob on my MIDI-Controller-Device? Have read in the manual for this and even searched in this forum, but found nothing how to do this exactly in detail?

Can Anybody help me, how to do this?

Thanks for any Help!


I’m afraid this slider cannot be control via MIDI in Generic Remote Device.

I wish it comes at one of the new Features on Cubase 9 :wink:
Thanks for explanation, Martin.

I wouldn’t expect so. This feature is for a long time in Cubase already.

You mean it´s just not possible on the Generic Controller, but on a specific Controller you´re be able to do that?

I mean the parameter is no in the Generic Remote Device, so the parameter is not most probably accessible from any kind of controller.

Might be AI knob could work, because this kind of mouse scroll-wheel based controller, in fact.

ok. Than my wish is, that they make for the next versions, a feature, which allows the Access from a Generic Remote Controller to this MIDI-command.

did anyone in possession of the cmc controllers (or any other controller for that matter) get this to work? it boggles the mind a sequencer should not be able to do this! Thanks.

I see tempo track as an automation lane already now - but more cumbersome to alter.
A TRIM thingy would be really useful TRIM TEMPO kind of that you freeze into tempo track later.

When doing video the first thing I do is play scenes and try to sense the feel of tempo with just metronome for that scene, and make tempo track going through it all.
If then wanting to fine adjust would be swell - as the feel change with music in place as well.

A coarse and fine adjustment knob or something - and working like trim automation.

A feature to do tempo adjustments and Time Warp together and many things is on my wishlist. It’s the most cumbersome part right now.

You could record just a rhythm (let’s say one note, only the 1/4) during the first scene watching and trying to find the tempo. Then you can use the Beat Detection to create the Tempo map/Track. Would this help to your workflow?

Martin, I seem to recall you said that the tempo fade functionality was dropped somewhere along the way, but in prior Cubase versions (before 4?5?) you could actually do this, correct?

And would anybody using Bome or some other external Midi translator be able to find a workaround, or is there just no access at all to that function as of now (I am talking real-time tempo fading, not automation)? thanks


I’m sorry, I don’t remember, if this was possible prior Cubase 4 (in SX generation). No, there is no workaround with Bome. This parameter is not accessible from “outside-world” of Cubase.

thanks martin (bangs head on desk in desperation):wink:

I can verify that the functionality was there before (don’t remember exactly when it was dropped, but it’s “relatively” not too long ago).
I have various templates for my older Behringer controller that I have mapped the tempo parameter to a knob.

So, yes, it used to be there and it used to work flawlessly.
It is a big mystery why Steinberg dropped it!