Automate the Metronome

Is there anyway to automate the Metronome so it turns off at a certain Bar in the timeline? I know I could create an audio track from the Click and automate it there, but shouldn’t there be a quicker way to have the Metronome turn off say at the outro of a song where the beat stops or slows down?


No, you can’t do this.

Create an additional Time Signature Entry and a silent click pattern for it.

Does this essentially “mute” the click once it reaches the silent pattern?

Could you please elaborate what you mean by a “silent click pattern” and how you would create it? Thanks!

There are several occasions where a click is needed in certain areas of a project, but not necessarily throughout the whole song. Such as On for just the intro of a song for a guitarist who begins the song without a drummer. Or in the middle of a song coming out of a bridge (after the beat stops) where a singer has to start the next verse, chorus etc. and needs to feel the timing jumping back in. Automating the Metronome or Tempo Track with muting capabilities would be very helpful IMHO.

  • create a signature track in the project area
  • insert a new (redundant) time signature event at the position, where the metronome should be silent
  • open the click pattern editor for this new event
  • set all beats to “muted”

Thats pretty neat. I hadn’t thought of doing that.

Nice trick!

WOW! THANK YOU THANK YOU VIELEN DANKE!!! So cool, this will definitely come in handy!

Thank you Jan!

try recording you click
pass 1 --click pattern 1
pass2 – click pattern two
repeat as needed cut or comp tool as desired …. bingo one custom click track that can be panned , faded, time stretched etc…
cheers .