Automate to completely remove load from heavy CPU use VSTi?

Hey folks,

I’m aware that one can freeze VSTis, but i’m experimenting with a workflow / style where (during the composition stage), i don’t want to freeze.

So is there a way to automate a VSTi so that all load is taken off the CPU?

So, for example, at bar 33 in my song i have a VSTi with a very CPU intensive patch that only plays for a couple of bars. Instead of freezing, i’d like to use automation so that this VSTi is turned off and causes no load in the rest of the song. Because i’ve noticed that a VSTis will use CPU, even if they’re creating no sound.

Actually, i don’t think it’s possible, but just thought i’d check with the experts over here!

cheers …J

There’s more than a few ways to ‘skin’ this particular cat.

The simplest way is to use the scissors tool to make the troublesome bars into a clip event, and then mute that event. You can just as easily unmute that clip.

A second way: Many VSTI’s will expose a parameter labelled ‘bypass’ or ‘enable’ - those are automatable.

In general though, if MIDI is muted in the section concerned, the VSTI has nothing to process other than silence or the decay of previous notes - this usually suffices.