Automate workflow outside cubase


I’m using Cubase Elements 7. Here is a sample of my workflow to be automated:

  1. Launch Cubase
  2. Create a New Project
  3. Add a track
  4. Insert a plugin
  5. Play it.

Can anyone let me know if I can automate this? By any scripting or any internal APIs that I can leverage?


I automate using interns

do the steps u mention, save as project on desktop.
click on that cpr file to open it, and first “save as” new project file to work with.

or you just can save it as template, but you will have to start cubase first… well one more step for you :unamused:

what is that ?

interns are student workers. … you say “do x” and they automatically do it.

hoo… nice. hope they come free with next update. hope they sweep and do dishes

Just to make sure since language is sometimes not clear. … I was joking. Although interns are indeed a cheap source of performing tedious labor.

Ahh I see that’s what in the old days was called slavery

In the civilized world we call it “training”

Interns … sure is a good idea … but tight with the budget now!!

Apart from interns … is there any other way? Like say you run a command from the command window it will create a new project… etc …

In the dim dark past, one could automate with batch files and the sendkeys command. However, any little glitch inside the called program and it would turn to $#!t!

Unfortunately, Cubase doesn’t expose an automation object for use by scripting or PowerShell.

actually, you could call GR from PowerShell with a few choice .net libraries for MIDI.

Sorry, my brain’s not in acronym decoding mode right now! :confused:

hehe, generic remote. Idon’t know that GR will allow what the OP wants though. Also, I’m not sure what the process he described would gain. I pretty much use templates to initiate new projects and I open existing project directly. But, maybe his question is just an example for a different end.

Mais naturellement! :unamused:

Yes, the cited steps are really too trivial for automation, when a static template will do it. Perhaps there is a bigger goal in this, on which we will have to await the OP’s input for clarification.

Just to finish the thought on PowerShell, many people don’t realize that it will reference pretty much any .Net library. So, any function you could perform in an application could be scripted. That includes some of the handle capture stuff like someone did with that little hack util for fixing the “always on top” thing.

Have to use a lot of defensive programming when trying to control anything that users can be doing stuff with at the same time. Can’t rely on anything being where it was a moment before. The usage scenarios really have to justify the design and testing effort.

very true, but for repetitive setup or teardown operations it is nice. We use it to stage application servers, including performing admin console functions. But, as you say, we make a lot of “state” assumptions because we are in control.

Nice to be without those damn users, always getting in the way of a good program! :unamused: :unamused: :wink:

Just like the Yes Minister hospitals with no patients - much easier to run.

exactly! work is so much easier without all those pesky customers.