Automated live playlist/setlist ?

Hi ,is it possible to build a setlist/playlist fully automated to use for live venue ? ie : play a pre recorded song with midi data , audio ,program change and cc control and eventually light control if all possible ,ex: wait 15 seconds load another song and so on ? Cubase Artist 9 load only one cpr file at a time ,wondering if there is a way to do that or use another software . Any suggestions are welcome. I have a MX61BK hooked to Cubase , also a UR22mkII and a Voicelive 3 , So far I found a way to send steps change to Voicelive 3 but going too far without knowing if I can automate a full 14 -15 songs together is a lot of learning and time consuming . Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

You can open multiple projects at once, but only one of them is active.

Why you wouldn’t put all to a single project? You could then use arranger track to trigger dedicated parts.

Thank you very much Martin , the thing I don’t really know is, when I finish recording/editing a song/project , there is a file saved in a folder with extension .cpr… so that file contains all the data i had while and after recording , if I’m right ?
So once i click on it the whole project open with Cubase , but how do I import several of those .cpr file in Cubase , it’s where I’m lost so far .Many thanks again Sir .


You can use File > Import > Tracks from Project. This is the way, how to get the data of one project to another one.

Thank you very much , so it will import , midi data , of all tracks, midi cc and so on ? All at ounce ? Thanks a lot again you help me a lot .

You can choose, what tracks do you want to import. Then you can decide if you want to import it to the new track(s) or the data to the existing track(s). Yes, all data, of the tracks are imported.

Thank you very much . Will give it a try , you save me ! lol , but be assured , I will probably jam a bit farther .

Hi, I tried to do this, file…import… but the only choices I see there is…Import… Audio File , Audio CD , Video File ,Audio From Video File , Midi File …Getting to wonder if Cubase Artist 8.5 updated to version 9 did really installed??? ,or if I really need to go for Cubase Pro 9 ???..any advice ? Thank you.

That might be a Cubase Pro only function.

You can also select all in one project, copy and paste into the other one. Line up your songs/lighting cues on the timeline the way you want them to play, with pauses and everything.

Also, read up on the Arranger track in the manual to see what all is possible with that portion of the program.

Definitely this :wink:
(You can even use it to have automated silences between Songs :wink: )