automated player muting on playback?

Is there a way to select passages to be muted upon playback? Similar to the way Sibelius did this in properties where you could tell certain parts to play on certain passes after repeats, etc.

I’m exporting an orchestral score to create a rehearsal mp3 - problem is, the guitarist is playing single notes at times but there are sections with slashed noteheads for rhythm indication. Obviously, the notes sound fine but when you get to a passage with chord symbols and slash notehead rhythms, you hear the note B playing back for every note.

If there’s not currently a way to mute selected passages does anyone have a workaround?

thanks in advance!


You can rule out any object out of consideration for playback by selecting it and muting it in the Properties panel (Cmd+8). This means notes but also other items that currently affect playback, such as pedal lines.