Automatic Audio Alignment

Any chance of this showing up in Cubase? It would be AWESOME if it did!!

anyone, anyone

This was introduced to Nuendo while Cubase 9.5 was in the final stages of testing. There’s a small possibility that both this and the updated DOP might be added to Cubase in the future.

I like your thinking there

Hmm… its a first attempt, ok. But honestly, I thought the results so far, were poor.

Wait til around the 2.00 minute mark when he solos the ‘results’ track; fronts of words sound chopped, some syllables are muffled. Meh.

Also, there’s no indication of how editable these results might be, afterwards. Is it a one-stop process, you get what you’re given…? keep repeating if you don’t like it, to see if it gets it any better.?

Definitely keeping an eye on how this improves though - could be a very valuable tool. :slight_smile:

So time aligning vocals must be a POST function???

Note that this isn’t an official statement from Steinberg, just one of the social media guys being vague. Some time ago it was claimed that Console 1 integration wasn’t even in the works, then just a few weeks later Cubase 9.5 came out with it already implemented. You just have to wait for Softube to do their part of the job.