Automatic audio format conversion when importing audio files according to project setup

Example: When importing audio files, it does not convert wav to aiff or vice versa.

Why should it convert AIFF to WAV and vice versa? The audio data is the same… both use PCM data…
If no sample rate or bit depth change is needed, no conversation at all is needed

I know how it works, but I don’t know why that way. Not an issue, it would just be good.I know audio formats, but I like mostly working in AIFF, because better sound and workflow would be simpler.

What are you trying to say?
The audio data is the same in both files…

This is not true… the sound is the same since the audio data is the same, and Cubase native format is WAV, so workflow is simpler with WAV in most cases

Believe me sound is different.

yes of course… our water is much wetter than yours

I’m sorry man I don’t know why you’re making fun of me! I do not understand you. The point of any forum is to help each other. I did some tests and heard the difference. This has already been confirmed to me by another sound engineer. If I didn’t hear the difference I wouldn’t care but I hear! Have you ever tried an A-B test? You may not hear the difference but there is be a difference! Your post is very destructive!

Again, the audio data is exactly the same on both formats…
they only differ in the structure… not in the data itself
this is a Mac vs PC myth that AIFF sounds better than WAV