Automatic backups in specific folder

I would love NOT to see all my .BAK files in the main folder. It gets messy when I score a sequence that has different cues and ‘Save As’’. I end up with 3 to 4 project files (.CPR) and a ton of backup files (.BAK)

Why not just make a default folder for the automatic backups to save to. We could have :

Track Pictures
Archives or Backups

I do this manually but it’s a pain and it’s just another thing I dont want to have to think about.

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I have been bugging them about this on Twitter for literally years. They keep saying it’s something they want to include, but clearly they don’t want to include it THAT badly… anyway, big +1 from me on this!


Here in 2019 still no specific folder for .bak files. Steinberg, please! See your big brothers like Presonus with a specific folder for backups called “HISTORY” How much difficult are for you make this simply folder? thanks.


It’s a +1 from me… Can’t believe this hasn’t been implemented already.



I recently switched to Reaper because C11 introduced major issues and bugs mostly with HiDPI and a huge midi modifier bugs that broke all my templates. Well I’m happy to say Reaper has that backup feature. I still use Cubase once in a while because I still have a bunch of active projects in it but Steinberg needs to start listening to the users. Other DAW are miles ahead in workflow capabilities.

Sure Cubase is good looking but it’s a mystery why some basic fonctions like this one are still missing. I could name at least a dozen more. I’ve loved Cubase and used it professionally for years. I know it inside out and I can tell you I dont miss it at all. It’s all bells and whistle each year with one or two interesting features that are usually botched like video exports and HiDPI support.

Please Steinberg, do less but do it well. Fix the core fonctions.