Automatic crossfades when doing punch in / out recording?

Hi folks,

Is there any way to set up Cubase so it’ll apply automatic crossfades when doing punch in / out recording?

Thanks! … J

You can use Auto Fades.
You can set a global fade in, fade out and crossfade length.
You can also do a custom setting on a per track basis - but it’s broken in 10.0.20!
If you’d like to see a manual fade created automatically, which would then be adjustable, I don’t that’s possible.

Many thanks!

So now i found the global autofade settings, works great!

What’s broken in the per track autofade settings?

Do you mean that it defaults back to “use project settings”, even if you turn that off?

One other thing: this autofade creates an “invisible” fade, right? I mean, you don’t see it visually in the waveform, right?

And it’s also not editable?

Yep - you should be able to set a completely different set of parameters for each individual track which overrides the global project settings, but in 10.0.20 changing a tracks settings also changes the global one as well!

This is such a screwup it can’t possibly not be fixed in the next release…

Both of these settings produce ‘invisible’ fades as you say. If you want something you can play with you’ll need to add a manual fade in / out at the end of an audio file, or create a manual crossfade between two audio files.


So if you change the global setting, does it work retrospectively?

Yes - think of it as a setting. All tracks will have whatever global setting you enter, unless you override this on a per track basis.

Tracks with their own settings stay with those settings no matter how many times you change the global level.

When it’s fixed…:wink:

Well, I hope someone reported it! You’d be amazed at how many times at work we’d find out there’s an issue with our website that no one ever reported because everyone just assumed it was so common that the developers just had to know about it.

That’s why I try to go out of my way to report bugs via official channels whenever I come across one I can reproduce.