Automatic Cubase event cut when in 0 DB

Hello my friend s
I wish to know
Is there any possibillty to let cubase cut event when its on 0 DBs?
Because I do it manually - its hard work and not professional !
Thanks U

If you just want to do some single cuts at zero crossings, open the sample editor and activate the button “snap to zero crossing” in the toolbar. If you want to slice a whole file by transients use the hitpoint detection.

I have a snare drum, open it on sample editor -snap to zero and nothing is happen
I will explain you what im trying to do
I have the korg Pa3x keyboard - it has 128 Mb RAM PCM sample space
so what im trying to do is the save unused 0 db time and cut the rest of the event
Thank you

Ehh 0dB is as loud as it can get, you probably want something like: “Detect Silence”
But I could be totally off here, we need a little more info on what you are trying do do ?