Automatic double tracker

Hi all,

I’ve just been listening to Clapton playing his lead in the Beatles While My guitar Gently Weeps, and there is mention of ADT ( automatic double tracker)?

Is there a stock CP 10 plug in that will achieve the same/ similar result?

Apparently, it was to give the guitar a “wobbly Beatles feel” and I wanted to have a play later, so has anyone got any suggestions??

I’m away from my computer today, but will be able to have a play tomorrow!!

Thanks in advance!!

Jim B

I am not sure what you mean about double tracker. I listened to the song and there is indeed more than one acoustic guitar. If you want to layer various guitar takes I might advise few things.

  • quantize the recorded wave forms before layering them. You might keep the recording not quantized with one take but having multiple takes playing in unison not in perfect rhythm will sound messy.
  • record various takes with different settings to give them different sonic characteristics. You might achieve it by using different microphones. Or even record one guitar from two sources (microphone and a pick). Just make them sound different.
  • use this trick of panning double takes left and right but adding delays in the opposite channels. Like one guitar on the left and the delay on the right - second guitar one the right and delay on the left (with different delay settings)
  • Izotope has this free plugin called Vocal Doubler. It is for vocals but it might work also on guitars.
  • Group all takes/layers in one group channel and process them as one with compression, saturation etc. It will glue them together.

Watch my little video tutorial how I do this panning trick

It’s not acoustic multi tracks, it’s a one hit electric guitar and the ADT seems to add another track which gives it the wobbly effect! If you listen to the track you will hear the result!
I was hoping someone had experience of a stock plug being able to achieve the effect!!
Ah well back to the drawing board!!

Jim B

Hi Jim

It’s not a stock plugin i know but Waves’ ADT is exactly what you’re describing and on many sources is FANTASTIC!!
It can often be found on sale for $29 USD if you’re patient and is handy for thickening vocals, turning a single guitar into a wall of guitars etc…
Just an idea :wink:

Thanks Mat,

I’ll keep my eyes open for it… especially if I can get it at a reduced price!

Cheers mate!!

Jim B

I’ve just seen this:

"Steinberg Karlette

This plugin is so old that it pretty much qualifies as a vintage effect in its own right. Among the first VST plugins, it’s a free echo effect similar to the old WEM Copicat. It may not be cutting edge, but it certainly does the job, and that’s what counts"

I’m gonna have a play so I’ll let you all know the results!!

Jim B