Automatic ending of voices after note input -- anyone in favour as an option?

For the first time in Dorico, I’ve been doing a fair bit of solo piano music and while doing this, my impression is that Dorico’s handling of voices is primarily orientated towards polyphonic voicing within the stave and for this the design seems largely sensible. In piano music, however, so often most of the writing just requires one voice but every now and again, such as the typical situation of a chord where some fingers continue to play a melody/accompaniment as below in the right hand,
piano second voice
it would be great if the temporarily required second voice could be automatically ended after note input. Of course there is currently the option to do this manually in Properties but it’s quite easy to forget and suddenly find a passage is not in the voice which was intended.

So I have two questions: 1. would anyone else find it valuable to have auto-cancelling of a voice in this sort of situation and 2. if there is support (it’s possible I’m the only one in which case of course it doesn’t really matter) then would there be any practical difficulties for the team to implement?

Many thanks!

What about not exiting note-input mode and just switching voices with the shortcut V?

Please see this thread for further discussion.

yes – that would have been one of my other points and I suspect is the main source of incorrect voices being created. If a second voice was ended automatically then it might follow that subsequent note input would be in the default voice.

well of course you can do that but I’m looking for options when you want to exit note entry