Automatic Local Control Off


Each time I start Cubase I have to manually set the Local Control Off on my Yamaha P-105B digital piano. Sonar had the option to send a Local Off message to any MIDI device upon startup. I want to set Cubase to do it.

Will it be a MIDI message? A Sysex? My device isn’t listed on the MIDI device manager; and even if it was, I don’t know WHERE and HOW to write such messages as a general setting not project-based. All I know from my device manual are these values for Local Control:
Local Control (reception only):
ccH Parameter
Data Range (vvH)
7AH Local Control
00H (off), 7FH (on)

MIDI experts please help.

I hope someone replies to this question. And, if it can’t be done, I hope the OP submits this as a “Feature Request” Thanks.

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Make it easy on yourself, leave the Yamaha set to local on and turn OFF MIDI THRU in the Cubase preferences

Most keyboards store the local on and local off state

In my DX-11 (which I miss), as I recall, in the Utility Menu of the Keyboard, Local On/Off was settable. The Keyboard booted up in Local Off mode.
I used that with a multi-port midi interface and it worked like a charm – 128 midi channels on 8 ports. Anyway…memories… :wink:

Other good suggestions here notwithstanding, I wonder, does the Yamaha P-105B have Utility or other Menu where Local Off can be stored in the Keyboard’s memory?

Local Off: CC122 0
Local On: CC122 127

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That’s what I do.
And you can add a keyboard shortcut to it in Cubase.
Wouldn’t it be nice if every midi keyboard came with a dedicated Local on/off key, instead of being buried in some obscure deep down menu option. :-/

I tried it, it just doesn’t work. My Yamaha is always Local On by default and I can change it to Off only but not store the Off setting.
Unchecking MIDI THRU in Cubase Preferences and in MIDI driver doesn’t affect the Local Control on keyboard itself.

That’s a nice compact keyboard :slight_smile:
Unfortunately my P-105B has no screen or utility this way, and it always switches on with Local On. Changing the setting is through combination of keys. I love my digital piano too and it’s all what I need, I just want a permanent solution to this especially that Sonar had it already.

Yes I know these values, do you have an idea if these can be written to some default Cubase setting so my piano always is connected in Local Off mode?

Sorry to hear there’s no Utility Menu in the keyboard for storing such settings. The Input Transformer may help with this. I’ve not tested this and only looked at it briefly. Another more expert user may have better information on this.

If you set the Input Transformer to Global, and then use it to turn Local Off it may work. I’d try it. I use a controller with no sounds, so can’t test this with my own set-up.

Only by doing the following in all projects you open, or in a template.

The MIDI Insert MIDI Control will send the message upon opening Cubase. (technically, Cubase is chasing the command)

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I posted to the OP on this, but you may know. Could the Input Transformer be used for this?

It could be,

but why? More steps are needed to set it up, and then, user interaction is still needed.

Adding the insert to a midi track routed to the keyboard would be a set-and-forget thing, and could be quickly added to templates and in-progress projects.

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Try reading what I said again. You keyboard ALWAYS boots to LOCAL=ON. IF you simply set Cubase in the PREFERENCES to MIDI THRU=OFF Cubase will ALWAYS load up in MIDI THRU= OFF thus eliminately this whole issue. Your other method is to do as has been posted and put that midi command preset in EVERY project you do and save it to the project

**Holding down the DEMO and METRONOME button and hitting D6 on the keyboard looks simple to me.
Most of these digital piano do not store the local on/off settings that I have seen

It just doesn’t work …

This won’t work for the OP’s purposes as the “MIDI THRU” setting in Cubase has nothing to do with turning a keyboards internal sound module on/off.

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I get you, Im providing a work around here. When I am playing my Korg I set Local= ON, when I am sequencing with it and playing virtual instruments in Cubase I set my Korg to Local= Off and MIDI THRU= ON so there is no midi loop.

You have two options here and what I just mentioned gives you the same effect as having local =OFF on the keyboard.

  1. Turn Local=OFF on the keyboard and MIDI THRU= ON in the DAW
  2. Turn Local=ON on the keyboard and MIDI THRU= OFF in the DAW

*It has everything to do with a MIDI LOOP with the data, one has to be on and one off
Im afraid the OP’s keyboard will not store the Local State so…
Unreal that these digital pianos dont store this??? ANY modern synth will