Automatic monitor

Is there a way to automatically turn monitor on while recording, and off while not recording? This would be really nice for punch ins and quick checks:)

Single tracks,
multiple tracks

What does the monitor button do??

File>Preferences…>VST>select ‘Tapemachine Style’ in the Audio Monitoring drop down menu.


It switches between input monitoring and playback

Watch out:

  • Monitoring: tape machine style
  • Audio-track selected (thus in stop mode input monitoring is ON, in playback is OFF)
  • Do an Audio export mixdown
  • De audio on the selected track is NOT EXPORTED !

Took me a while to explain the missing tracks in de mixdown :slight_smile:

Hmm, I have never had that issue.

For me (Tapemachine Style) the monitor is only enabled when record is enabled and record button pressed. Thus no effect on exported tracks here.

c.f. the manual:
Tapemachine Style
This option emulates standard tapemachine behavior: input monitoring in Stop mode and during recording, but not during playback.

Basically if you can hear it in the playback, it will be there in the mixdown (wyhiwyg)

Nice, thanks :slight_smile:

Actually Tape Machine Style is not waht I wanted, I wanted the other option which is monitor while record running :wink:

I have to be more specific:

One track was soloed. Thus alle tracks where muted exept de solo-track and the output. Stopped, the input monitor was on. Playing the content of the track was heard. De locaters were positioned correctly around the track. Audio export of the output bus created a file of the right length, but contained silence.