Automatic pitch correction

Hi all, I wanted to know does the latest pro version of Cubase have an automated way of correcting the pitch off a mixed track? I know you can manually shift by a semitone or fine tune by plus or minus 50%.

My use case is that I am asking a session musician to replicate a part from an old track, recorded on tape, or maybe taken from YouTube (because the original is rare, so I can’t buy the MP3). These can often be in-between pitches.
I want to make sure what I provide is 100% perfect pitch as I will build my new track around the recording the session musician records and don’t want that to be off.


In the VariAudio select all events (Ctrl+A) and set the tune quantize to 100%.

If the track you are giving your musician is polyphonic, see if maybe the Cubase Pitch Shift app will work.


If it’s polyphonic, use Spectra Layers, please.

Cool! I haven’t used that yet, thought it was mainly for extracting voices and other monophonic.

Thanks for the tip!

Hi Martin,
could you elaborate on how to accomplish the required task with spectralayers a little?
THank you so much!!!


There are a few things going on here.

First: It sounds like you have a complete mix, not stems of instruments. Tuning generally works on stems, not on complete mixes.

Second: If the stems are polyphonic, then you need the paid-for version of SpectraLayers to do polyphonic retuning. This is similar to how you’d do it in Melodyne with Direct Note Access and such.

If it’s a solo voice/instrument, in a stemp, you can use VariAudio to do it.

An alternative to SpectraLayers is a free tool called spleeter, which is a little finicky to get going, but which can separate out different instruments, and then, if they are solo, you can tune them with VariAudio.

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I should have been clear it is polyphonic, in that it is a final mix.

So VariAudio would only be an option if the audio is NOT polyphonic? I’m guessing when you set the tune quantize to 100% this applies an automatic analysis and correction?

If Polyphonic Spectra Layers is the best option? From reading this it would need to be applied manually?

Alexis, what is the Cubase Pitch Shift app you referring to? The manual fine tune or whole step correction?

Alexis I think your reffeing to this manual function


Thanks everyone