Automatic play stop in the end of a project?

Isn’t there a way in Cubase to specify in the settings that for all projects the playback of a project automatically stops at the end of the project? Are there only these solutions with an arranger track or the Alt + Space keys?

That is how it behaves. You set how long a Project is in Project>Project Setup… and when it hits the end it stops. Now if you have a bunch of silence at the end of your Project it will continue to play that silence until it reaches the Project’s end.

Thanks for the very useful tip. The definition of the length of a project must therefore be entered for each project. The length of a project could also be determined automatically, since the end of the project is where the last event of the tracks ends. I didn’t find such an option in the program settings.

Thank you very much.


Or just set it to be a bit longer than you generally will need for most Projects. Of course that will leave it playing silence until it hits the end. Also you can always type Shift+S and change it whenever you want.

While that can be the case, it isn’t a given. There are plenty of VSTi’s and effects which can generate audio unrelated to anything on the Project’s timeline. For example in BFD3 I use its internal editor to build drum parts so nothing at all is needed in the Project Window. Synths that have internal sequencers, FXs with delays or reverb tails, etc. can all produce sound in the absence of anything in the Project Window.

You are totally right. The length of a project cannot be fixed automatically; it is a creative decision of the producer. Thank you very much.

Many of the “strange” behaviours in Cubase are not so strange when we understand the thinking behind them. Unfortunately learning all this takes time, but fortunately there are many experienced users who are generous in sharing their knowledge!

Or they can implement a feature like they have in Studio One…
Where you can Right click the end marker (or any marker). This will open this little context menu. And here you can not only rename the marker. But you also set the option “Stop at marker”.

You are perfectly right. I am very thankful for that.

Thank for this hint.