Automatic plugin screenshots

Hello. I have been using your DAW for a long time and I want to tell you this: today I reinstalled Windows for the umpteenth time, and reinstalled all my plugins. I think it’s not a secret for you that we, the users, love it when screenshots are displayed in the plugin window. But since there are usually a lot of them in the system, the process of screenshots becomes long. T.s. you need to open each plugin manually, take a screenshot, close it, etc.
I want to offer you an idea for future versions of the program. Make it possible to select the number of plugins to run simultaneously with the checkbox to take screenshots in automatic mode. Thank you.

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would also love to see this feature

This is the reason why I gave up on pictures and I’m not using this feature. It’s just taking too much time to do it and not much benefits out of it.
I’m just typing plugin names when searching so pictures don’t matter that much to me anyway. But I believe that for those who care about the plugin pictures, automation like this would be awesome to have.

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You can also go to Documents\Steinberg\VST Thumbnails and make a backup of the folder, so you can restore the screenshots in case of reinstalling the operating system or moving to a different computer.