Automatic Recording in DAW slave mode

Following situation:

  • our studio is connected to another studio via mtc. They can’t send mmc of course
  • we are master, they are slave. The talent is in our studio

How can I tell Nuendo that, each time the other studio starts the recording, it has to record too?
Usually, when you get mtc and the cursor starts moving, you have to manually press record in order to record.



… has Nuendo the same feature a sound device has? The “start recording when TC comes in” feature?..

VST System Link?


Sorry, I’ve forgot to mention that the studios are connected via Internet and that other studios use often PT…

Hi Alessandro,

This should work IF their DAW (what is it, btw?) can receive MMC and MTC from your Nuendo.

If you are the master, YOU control when the recording begins and stops, their machine basically only follows
all your MMC commands.


Ps, I notice that you stated the talent is in YOUR studio.

So, why the need for the slave DAW in the other studio? Not sure why this is needed at all.

Some studios want to be master because they’ve clients sitting on their side.

I know about mmc but this is about the question “how can I do this without mmc?” F.E. how does this option in sound devices work, and it’s replicable on my daw? Perhaps MMC cannot be sent in my case.

My idea goes from transforming an LTC or an MTC sysex signal in a rec mmc toggle…