Automatic rename of project and folder name

I used Presonus Studio One for a while last year. One very useful feature that I miss in Cubase is the Studio One-style project and folder name. I just had to rename the project (song as it’s called there) I was working on from the File menu and it also automatically renames the project folder including the pool etc.
Is it possible to get this functionality in Cubase? It speeds up the workflow very well and avoids losing any support within your current project, perhaps because you find and delete an “Unnamed” folder where instead there are files from your previous project.

For this purpose, Cubase uses the project backup function, capable of organizing all used files in the pool in the right folder.
This is to avoid inopportune cancellations.

Yes, I’m just discovering this feature and it helps in the second part of my question. I hope there will be an automatic renaming of the project folder too when I “Save as” or “Rename” from the File menu as it’s in S1.