Automatic rest alignment

Any way to get Dorico to align rests automatically without having to reposition each one?


Not sure exactly which option will work, but look under Rest positioning in Notation Options (Ctrl+Shift+N).
It seems something there might work.

Tried all the variants there. Nothing helps.

Dorico generally tries to keep rests within the same beat grouping aligned. Do you have 3/8 set up as [3]/8 (i.e. three 8th note beats) or 3/8 (i.e. one dotted quarter beat)?

Kudos for spending Easter Sunday on the boards, but shouldn’t that be the other way round: [3] is one dotted quarter; 3 is 3 8ths…?

Apropos of nothing, I always forget to enter 3/8 as [3]/8 until I notice funny beaming or rest positioning, or similar.

Ah ha! [3]/8 did it.