Automatic score update when recording new lanes ?


first of all happy 2016!

I’m really struggling to learn to work with Cubase Pro 8’s score editor.

I’d like to directly record and work in the score editor, but I have the following issues which really make me nuts.

  1. when I record new notes directly in the score editor window (selecting the right staf in that window), I get wrong inputted and broken notes, it doesn’t display what I record and record playback is completely different from what I do if I record directly in the arrange view.

  2. How does is come that when you hide a part of a lane in arrange view that the hidden parts are still visible in the score editor ? This is extremely confusing to work with.

  3. Is there a way when you record new lanes in the arrange view that each selected lane displays automatically in the score editor instead of having to do the open selection from the score menu ?

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  1. Could you send a screenshot? For example side-by-side Score- and Key Editor?

  2. Do you mean hide the track? Or how do you hide the lane? Could you write step-by-step repro, please?

  3. No, the Score Editor always displays the currently selected event. It’s not possible to select the new lane automatically while Cycle recording.

Hi Martin,

thanks, yes here you go :

  1. First screen is before I record, so I create an empty block, but from what I see the errors occur when you record beyond the length of that block, so if I make that empty part longer before recording all works ok here. Second screen is after I recorded whole notes directly in the score editor. As you can see, measure 4 and 5 don’t diplay the whole notes I played but rather display short notes, which is wrong.

  1. With hiding the part in the lane, I mean, you move the right bottom handle of the red event, in my example in the arrange view, when doing that when you have more then one instrument in the score editor doesn’t mask the masked part of that lane in the score editor. So as you can see the information of the first track is all visible in the score editor while it’s being masked in the first track.

  1. But normally when you have that selected event (lane for me) already open and you record new information on top of that part you should see it being updated in the score editor as well ? That’s really sad because how do you compose then using the score editor ?

This is using Cubase Pro 8 latest version on Win7 64bits.

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  1. I can confirm (just tried back as far as Cubase 7.5… happens there too)… I’d dare call this a bug :wink:.

  2. Yes, I agree with you, those notes beyond the end boundary of the shorter Part should be hidden (or at least “greyed out”). None of the “Hiding” options in Preferences make any difference in this instance (where Parts are of different lengths). Best workaround I can think of… instead of dragging the right boundary of that Part, Split it (you can always glue it back together again afterwards, if necessary :wink: )

  3. Yes, you are right… seems that when recording directly in the Score Editor, it overrides the “MIDI Cycle Record Mode” in the Transport Bar, and always reverts to “Mix”, even though I presume you would normally want it to be “Stacked” here.
    Would be great if this could be implemented :wink:.

Thanks Vic for your input :slight_smile:

  1. :slight_smile:

  2. That may work, will try tonight

  3. That’s sad

I mainly bought Cubase for the scoring tools and must say I’m a bit disappointed so far, it doesn’t work for me. Iv’e been using SONAR, Reaper (still do as it’s the most stable DAW on my PC) but hoped to find a good program to compose using the score editor, seem most people don’t actually use that part anymore.



Yes, I know how you feel - the score editor could certainly do with some improvements.
Have a look over at
It appears that there might be some light at the end of this particular tunnel.

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? … LOL

Thank you rmcneill, is that a new application ? Seems like a score editor only without audio support or am I wrong, could be nice.

From what I’ve read it’s a new application that will integrate closely with Cubase’s audio engine. Seems a though when Avid acquired Sibelius and sacked the development staff, Steinberg hired them to develop this new scoring application. This as yet unnamed application will follow in the footsteps of the existing Cubase Scoring paradigm in that it will attempt to automatically present musical notation with minimal intervention from the end user.

Read more on the blog …

I’m not a huge fan of the existing scoring facilities in Cubase and from my perspective, this new application can’t come soon enough.


Thank you Rob, sounds indeed interesting, but for now I think that I’m going back to Reaper, seems that a scoring option is in the works, it doesn’t need to be perfect as we can always export to other applications, but it needs to be practical to compose with it.