Automatic Selection of Multiple Audio Regions


I am experiencing a weird problem. I want to select and edit a region in my project. yet when I am using the selection tool it automatically also selects other regions (on other tracks) in the project.
I am not using groups (I checked whether I could ungroup tracks) or parts.
I also recognised that this happens with regions of a similar lenght. as soon as I edit down a region to the excact lenght of the others - they seem to group magically and can not be edited separately any more.

Anyone has an idea how I can “dissolve” this “group effect”?
Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 3.28.45 PM.png

It sounds like your tracks are in a folder and you’ve enabled group editing mode for the folder. Turn this off (orange icon with 2 horizontal lines) and it should resolve your issue.

Yes, I think it’s to do with Group Editing mode too.

Yeah, that’s the only way I got it to behave that way as well (as the parts themselves are clearly not grouped).
Maybe next time you could provide a larger screenshot area, it would have been useful to see the track controls on the left of the timeline.

Sorry that I never came back on this, but yeah that was totally what happened.
I did not know group editing existed.
Thanks again for your amazing help.

3 years later, this thread just saved me from pulling my hair out!

Seriously have had this problem for ages and couldn’t figure it out.
I don’t recall ever activating the folder group editing, but yep… that was the issue.
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: