Automatically assign track colors based on group output routing?

Hi there,

Had a thought that it would be super convenient if VST/Audio tracks that you add into a project automatically applied or changed to a set color once you changed the output. Is there a way to set that up within the logical editor?

In case doesnt make sense - I have a template with all the routing I need for each group. However with TV writing, Im adding VST’s and audio left and right. Once I route the track to the correct group, Id love if the color changed to whatever I specificed it to be. EX Add a VST of a String patch, then choose group STR Long in my template, track comes up automatically Red which would match my MIDI tracks of other strings in the template.

Not sure if this is possible, but Im pretty novice to the Logical editor other than simple tasks.


Cubase 10.0.50 Build 301
Mac OS X 10.12.6

First you’d want to use the Project Logical Editor rather than the Logical Editor.

Seems likely this might be doable, but you never know what showstoppers might crop up until you get into the details. But here’s some stuff to get you started.

One cool thing that is often overlooked is that you can name colors in your pallet and the PLE can do stuff based on those names. So you can name that red color “Strings” instead of the (I think) default like “Color 8”

Make sure to enable Select Colors by Name


Here is a PLE to set selected Tracks to a color

So setting the colors is straightforward. But selecting all the Tracks routed to a Group Track is the tricky part. The PLE can’t do it as far as I can tell. A quick look at the Key Commands didn’t have anything jump out. But if there were/are then you’d probably end up with a Macro that runs some PLE Presets and Key Commands. If you solo a Group Track it should also Solo all the Tracks routed to it, maybe there’s some way to select the soloed Tracks, although I can’t think of anything right now.

I have a PLE Preset for every color in my Pallet, which in turn are mapped into buttons on Metagrid (could be just assigned to KC’s). Then when I add a new Track I know what it is and hit the appropriate colored button - but that isn’t automated based on the destination, I just set it because I know what the destination will be.

Hopefully someone can think of a clever workaround.

Thanks so much for the response, this is some super useful information. I like how you have your system down too! Gonna look into that

Thanks again!

Here is another example PLE. It isn’t doing what you want at all. But you could do something similar to Select Tracks based on several colors. It would be a different workflow, but if you colored new Tracks when created but didn’t change their routing. Then when you were finished adding Tracks you could have a Macro that ran a selector PLE and then enabled Q-Link. Then you could manually change the routing on all the Selected Tracks at once.