Automatically audiowarp audio into time?

Hi, I have some old songs which the drummer played out of time. I have brought them into cubase and set a tempo. Then I have manually looked at where the bass or snare drum beat is and used audiowarp to move each beat onto the grid. They are disco-type songs so the kick and snare hits are on the beat.
This manual method works great, but is there an automatic detection which I can then edit to remove unwanted orange lines before telling it to perform a snap to grid, or similar command? Hopefully then the orange lines will still be there in case the snap to grid got things wrong, so I can play it through and hear what it has done, and put anything right before exporting.
Many thanks, this will save me lots of time if it is possible!

Found it! Thanks!

I’m assuming from what you say you’re doing just now, the drums are on one track? you could use detect hitpoints with the threshold set so it just marks the kick and snare hits. Then convert “hitpoints to warp markers”, then use audio quantise. It may sound complex but really its just 3 or 4 clicks to do the whole part. I tend to use an iterative quantise (or whatever it’s called nowadays) value of about 60% so it doesn’t destroy the feel totally. Any particularly way off hits or couple of particularly wobbly bars can be tightened up further just by click and dragging to select in the audio editor then pressing Q(uantise) a couple of times more.

I really like your method Tim and I’ll give it a go. Yes, the edits I am doing are for well known songs that have been in the charts, so the whole mix is in one mp3. I’ve been using free warp which is great as I like to retain as much feel as possible by moving the warp manually. But this takes time! I will certainly give your method a go. Reminds of when I used to use iterative quantise on my Atari! Thanks!

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Here’s a video from Dom showing a different approach.