Automatically Configure Devices not working

I work with a MacBook Pro M1 , sometimes using the speakers of the laptop and others (most of the time) with external speakers connected via soundboard with a mini-jack.

In Edit → Device Setup → Device Control Panel, I have the box “Automatically Configure Devices” checked, but when I switch from external speakers to Mac speakers (or viceversa), I have to manually change the Output Configuration every single time, which is a little bit tiring!

Am I doing something wrong? Can anybody help me? I attach the Diagnostics Report, in case it helps.

Thank you!

Dorico (736.7 KB)

Interestingly, right now in another thread something very similar got reported by a different user. On Monday i will take my M1 Mac Mini and try it out there as well and see if i can get behind this riddle. “automatically configure device” shall only affect the sample rate but not the output config. However, let’s see what i can find out.


Actually, I told nonsense. “Automatically Configure Device” does not only affect the sample rate, but it is also doing the re-routing of the devices. But if it is switched on, at least on my Mac it is in fact working as expected, I plug-in the headphones and sound comes from the headphones, I unplug them again and sound comes from the speakers . And I can repeat this again and again…

The other thread I mentioned is here. Would you please follow the same instructions that I gave there in order to get debug output from CA2ASIO?

Good morning, Ulf!
I did all the steps you indicate on the other thread and that worked!
Now, Dorico chooses the “best” option: external speakers when they are connected via mini-jack and internal speakers when the other are not.

Thank you very much!

I’m delighted to hear that. You are more than welcome. :smiley: