Automatically creating subfolders


I am new to WaveLab, and I have WaveLab 7.2.1 installed.

Since I have many VST plugins installed which are arranged in subfolders for each plugin vendor, my menu to choose a plugin is far larger than what fits on screen and thus many plugins are off the screen and no longer selectable.

Is there a way to automatically create subfolder for all subfolders within the VST path, so that the list becomes shorter? Or is it possible to make the VST selection menu scrollable?

The only option is “Automatic sub-menu” (based on plugin name prefixes), in Option > Plugin-in organization. But that is not maybe what you need.

FYI, next WaveLab version will have many possibilities here.

Nice to know about the next version. However, this basically means, for people with many plugins, it mainly depends on the name of the plugin, if they can access it in WaveLab or not (in other words, if it is still visible on screen or not).

Frankly, I do not come across angry, because I am not, but being a developer myself, this looks like a severe design error me, because it is not too wise to put a list of entities of which the quantity is simply unknown, into an unscrollable menu. :wink:

Can’t you at least supply an update for WaveLab 7 that uses scrollable menus for plugins (such menus exist, e.g. the context menus of Windows Explorer work that way) instead of multi-column ones. Not very pretty, but at least usable and probably fairly easy to implement.

A car manufacturer that has severe brake problems with a car model also can’t fix it in the next version of that car model. :wink:

On the other hand, most car owners settle for the number of brakes the car comes with, and don’t add hundreds of their own and then have a problem selecting the brakes they want… :sunglasses:

Of course, but still, this is a severe limitation - especially one, that would not be necessary at all - for an otherwise great program. :slight_smile: And it is even stranger, if this limitation is in a software by the inventors of VST!

Been doing this for years with Steinberg stuff. Doesn’t happen automatically - but you can whip out to Explorer and create your own subfolders. My plugs are all tidy inside WL7 and use the folder naming convention that I decide to use…


Bruce McDonald, would you show me how to accomplish this? Do you have a screen shot? Thanks!

If I understand you correctly, I keep WL open and then open Explorer on top of it? I can understand how Explorer can find the plugin group, but how do you sync WL to the folder that Explorer opens? And how exactly do you organize 150 plugins? Thanks for taking the time, this is an issue for me, too.

Let me get something together and get back to you.


Anybody know how to do this on a Mac. I just found out I can’t use some of my plugins because they come too late in the alphabet. This is insane. LOL


So I figured out a way to re-organize my plugins so I am able to see all of them by making folders and dragging and dropping them to the various folders in the plugin organization tab. It’s a major pain in the ass having to go through all this just to be able to use my Waves plugs in Wavelab. In-elegant comes to mind. I’m not sure what the automatic submenus does but it sure doesn’t do anything much with the Waves plugs.

I’m assuming this aspect of version 7 will never be improved since there’s a new version coming out. Is that true?

I’m assuming this aspect of version 7 will never be improved since there’s a new version coming out. Is that true?

Right. And in the new version, the plugin organization/menu has been completly renewed.

Thanks for the reply Phillipe.

Too bad this wasn’t fixed in 7 as it seems more like a bug than just a missing feature.

Anyway I got them all sorted and it only took me a couple of hours. :unamused:

I really like the way Cubase handled the plugins menu in 6.0. I basically did that manually in Wavelab.