Automatically delete GPK files

I find it irritating that Wavelab leaves a mess on my hard drive (putting GPK files in all my directories where I opened WAV files), and there appears to be no option to get rid of this mess. The documentation says that there is an option to delete GPK files in the “Audio File editing preferences” dialog, however I didn’t have any luck finding such an option in this dialog, and the dialog is not even documented properly in the PDF manual. Where is it? Please don’t tell me that this is yet another feature that is not present in Elements 7 but was not declared as such on the feature comparison page.

I advise you to set the following option if you wish to have .gpk files not near your audio files:
Else, use the following option, but you will loose time when reopening files.

I indeed expected to find such options on the “File” tab, however most of them seem to be missing here? :s
I’m using Wavelab Elements 7.11.

The options I have mentionned are parts of WaveLab, not WaveLab Elements.

Why is all this not mentioned on the feature comparison page? And even the Wavelab Elements Manual says that there is an option to change this. This is definitely a fraud. But fine, I’ll write a program to clean up my drives automatically then.