Automatically disable "Delay Compensation" while recording MIDI

Hey folks,

I work with a large template with lots of VSTs to score my soundtracks and therefore had to pick a larger buffer size. As a result I have a small delay between hitting the note on my keyboard and Cubase writing the note down in the piano roll. I have to shift all the notes afterwards, as they are too late (quantization is too extreme for my kind of music).

Disabling the “Delay Compensation” via the little clock button at the top solves the problem. So I was wondering if it is possible to automatically disable the Delay Compensation while recording MIDI data. Is there a hidden checkbox or preference to do so? I couldn’t find anything so far.



The Constrain Delay Compensation is applied only to the Record enabled track. So actually it does work for the “recorded” track only. In this case, I would recommend to disable Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole > Enable Record on Selected Audio Track and Enable Record on Selected MIDI Track. So when no track is record enabled automatically (once you select it), the Constrain Delay Compensation will not by applied for the tracks, until the very moment, you enable the Record on the track.

That´s not quite correct.

Then what’s the correct behaviour?

Refer to the manual for the complete list, but inserts above the threshold in groups and output busses are and stay disabled, as soon as CDC is activated.

I have a button on my CMC controller assigned to it…imo just assign one.


You (and manual) are right. All non-realtime plug-ins at all Group Channels (even if there is no Record-enabled track routed to) are disabled.

A button to just disable the delay compensation or did you create a macro that disables delay compensation, starts recording and enables delay compensation again afterwards?

Enabling it always causes a drop out. so I am not sure a one button action is handy but…
create 2 macros>
1 with constrain delay compensation and record
2 with constrain delay compensation and stop
Assign key commands to the macros
A second press of 1 does disable CDC but cubase stays in record

Another solution is to look what plugins get disabled when using CDC and see which ones have a lot of latency and use plugs without latency instead.


If you mean while playback, then it’s logical. The audio material has been shifted.

Hi Martin I was not complaining, merely stating that switching while running with a key command causes a glitch, which is 100% logical, but makes switching while running with this key command only usable if you start somewhat ahead. This was for the OP.
If you are not running, first switching CDC and then record is more logical. Unless of course you always forget to turn on CDC. Then reprogramming the record button to include CDC makes sense.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I will play around with some macros and key commands to see what helps and fits my workflow.