Automatically distribute notes to grid

Hello! I am trying to create a harp glissando. The glissando is 21 notes in total so I created a 21:32 64-tuplet grid. How can I quickly distribute the notes to the cells of the grid? The snap function doesn’t seem to work and I want to be precise with the placement of the notes and not spend hours moving the notes by infinitesimal amounts to match the grid… Quantize function doesn’t do anything either.



Quantize function is the one.

Quantize does nothing. I select the notes and press Q but nothing happens…


To me the notes look quite quantised, actually. As you can see in the Controller line, the distance seems to be the very same to me.

No, they are not. At least not as notes of a 21:32 64-tuplet which basically means 21 64s instead of 32 (The time signature is 2/4).

Anyway, I eventually had to do it manually, but I would have liked a more direct and immediate solution rather than having to move each note manually.


OK, now I understand…

I would go for this way:

  • Quantize the Notes to the current grid.
  • Move the group of the notes so that the very 1st note fits the Bar beginning.
  • Open MIDI > Logical Editor and select Standard set 1 > Held Tempo preset.
  • Use a math to find the right Ratio of your current speed and the wanted one.
  • Set the Parameter 1 of the Length a Position to the right number. Apply
  • MIDI > Function > Fixed Length.