Automatically move all snap points to beginning of events?

Is there a way to automatically move ALL “snap points” in audio events to the beginning of all selected events? I want to move only the snap points, not the audio. See the picture below… the snap point is obviously not at the beginning of the audio event.


if you shift part of the grid the rest of it has to move too.

I never shifted the grid at all though in this case. I only used the hitpoints function to mark transients to slice the audio. Once sliced, I can move things around, but I never used “time warp” in this case.

but that is what will happen if you move the snap points to the begining of the audio event, mountain to Muhammad

but what when the Audio starts long before the Event begins?
create a new version?

yeh if your in the bar too long , or if you`r just late getting in, bummer.

I think you guys are misunderstanding me. The snap point I am referring to is not the point on the grid. Within each event, there is a snap marker (marked with an S at the top). It is by default at the very beginning of the event. Once those snap point markers get moved to other positions in the event though, I would like a quick way of returning them to their default position at the beginning of the event.

As an example: to see and move one of these snap point markers I am talking about:

  1. Select an audio event.
  2. Put the project cursor somewhere near the middle of the event.
  3. Go to the “audio” drop down menu at the top of the screen and select “snap point to cursor”.
  4. You should now see a “snap point” within the event directly under the cursor.
  5. Now hit “q” to quantize and watch where the event goes. It will move so the “snap point” lines up with the grid.

This is a great feature… but what I would like to do, is to select a whole bunch of events, and move their snap points back to the default position (at the very beginning of each event).

right i see what your talking about .for lots of pieces of audio , makes sense.

Is this what you are looking to do?

Here’s a two-step:

  1. “L” (puts cursor at beginning of the event).
  2. “CTRL-J” (Puts Snap point to cursor. To be honest I can’t remember if this is a default key command, or one I made, but either way it works just fine).

Then of course if you want to reduce it from two key strokes to one, you can do a macro.

That’s how I have been working. I have been hitting “n” to move the cursor to the next event, and then I assigned a key command to put the snap point at the cursor. I haven’t created a macro for it yet though. The macro is a good idea. I will try that. Thanks Alexis!