Automatically re-activate main project after opening a different one


This feature existed on older Nuendo versions, on version 11 It doesn’t and I’m trying to get some help for a workaround or some kind of option I might have missed.

When on a main project, and, for ex, needing to open another one on top of that without closing the session, for copying aaf/files or just channel mixer settings for ex, when I close the “ secondary “one, the main one doesn’t activate automatically, this didn’t happened on older Nuendo versions.

Am I missing something on the preferences or other options?


Intended… Just hit the activate button on the main Projekt again. Simple…
The feature to not auto activate was requested for years…




And please explain with Audio Post excuses/workflow, reasons to not automatically activate the main session.



Hi Miguel,
sure - i do all post work.

The case:
i have the main project open, but also open another one (different one) and work on that.
Then i might close the “different one” so nuendo/cubase just waits for me to act. Gold!
Because, maybe i like to open yet another different one …

The very least thing i like it (Cubendo) to do is to automatically open the main one by itselfe.
I usually have big projects, with a lot of processing. Closing/Opening takes at least some minutes.
So i like to be sure i really like it to be opened…
Imagine to wait 5-8 Minutes just to reopen “the main” project, while you are actually wanted to open something else, again and again and again and… :slight_smile: been here, don’t like to go there again…

So, to be in charge, to be the one that decides, thats gold :slight_smile: !

hope that helps


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That’s not a solution for yet another missing feature that was never an issue. You’ll get prompted if you wanna activate or not a session on top of the one you’re working on. Most of the time I just open sessions WITHOUT ACTIVATING the project just to copy aaf/omf files to past on the main project, even without activating the aaf/omf project, the main one does not reactivate automatically, as it should and always been like that.
Could you point me to the thread where this was discussed as an issue?


Automatically re-enabling the previous project that was activated when closing another was a big problem that is now solved. Like PeerHoffmann said, many times you might close a project you were copying things from, and want to immediately open another one to do the same. It was a terrible waste of time for the main project to become active again automatically when what I really wanted to do was open another project and listen to the parts to copy from that one as well. Just to name one example.

This removes many minutes of waste, very often. Now, if you want to reenable the primary project, it’s just a simple single click. Good trade off.


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