Automating A/B plugin parameters

When automating mixdown, of course all movements ie in a plugin are recorded…great
I use the AB memories of the plugin a lot…and I want to specifically automation just the AB switching…not the movement of each separate parameter

In other words I want record ‘state’ switching so I can easily modify a state rather than all the related info

Its not listed in the automation parameter list

It doesnt even seem to appear in quick controls either as that would have been fine

Ive given up asking for morph of states in cubase as dont think its valued even though that have half baked it in the macro controls for Ableton but at least its a start

What is best practice for this?

Using the A/B plugin settings as a mix feature…

I think the original intention of an A/B switch with VST’s was to simply to allow auditioning and comparisons between prospective configurations rather than as a ‘stored banks’, and that’s why there isn’t any automation for it.

In the short term, you could load up two (or more) instances of the same plugin on a track and toggle their mute parameters for automation.


Yeah i guess im thinking ableton but states are such a big step up for workflow…started with kore snapshots…hard to go back to not using it :slight_smile: although cubase is by far my preferred mix platform since 98

EDIT: Actually found a decent answer for those who also do state switching and understand the advantages

Aside from only accepting VST3, Waves stereo rack is free
This is similar to a cut down of Kore; How I wish this is how the steinberg inserts worked :frowning:
You can load up your channel strip plugs
Map the macro knobs. (if you like to play the parameters during mixdown automation). This provides a pseudo macro knobs variation of Ableton
Now save each variation to a preset bank within Stereo Rack
You can now record the automation via Quick Controls (the bank is not available in normal track parameters)
States are recalled faithfully without glitching

Cons: You cant just flick open the gui of a plugin if you use hardware control surface