Automating across server Vienna Ensemble Pro


This has been bugging me forever, and I have been unable to figure it out!

How does one automate parameters while using a server set up of Vienna Ensemble Pro? I am trying to automate some synths.


What exactly doesn’t work to you, please?

While in Cubase, I want to be able to change modulation and effects in my sampler on my slave depending where I am at in the project I am working, no different than automating volume or pan. However, I have no clue how to accomplish this.

When in Cubase, clicking on the VEP instance hosting my instrument only opens the VEP window and not the instrument itself, so how does one accomplish automation? Going to my slave computer, and thus the actual sampler, I am unable to define changes based on the Cubase Project.

Found it,

In order to automate across VEP server connection, the data has to be sent by midi cc. To set it up, one must go under View>Automation Mapping (F5 by default). Hope this helps someone down the road!