Automating AU Synthesizer in Cubasis 3

Hi, is this possible? I’ve tried and it seems very much that it is not possible. I find this puzzling as I am able to do it in Beatmaker 3.

For instance, loading Synthmaker One (the AU synth) onto a track, and then wanting to automate the cutoff. Please tell me there is a way to do this!

Hi maxbfrecka,

Normally there should be no issues to automate AUv3 plug-ins with Cubasis.
These should be the steps:

  • Open Synth Master One user interface
  • Press the “W” button in the instrument rack to activate automation
  • Press play button and move the controls, sliders in the AU instrument user interface

Additionally, Cubasis comes with a dedicated Automation editor which allows further editing and is located in the track inspector to the left.

Our great friend Jakob (haQ attaQ) came up with a detailed tutorial, which you can find here:
CUBASIS 2 AUv3 Automation EXPLAINED │ haQ attaQ 291

Hope that helps!


yeah i figured that was what was supposed to happen. I activate the W and the R and record automation on multiple parameters in the synth but it doesn’t register.

it also doesn’t show up in the list of automation parameters on the arrangement view.

i find it weird because in Beatmaker 3 if I do this thing that says “show AU knobs” I can add automation with the Synthmaster AU, but not directly from the actual front panel of Synthmaster AU inside Beatmaker 3.

I tried another AU (Model D) and I found that I was able to record automation with that, but not Synthmaster Player. That’s unfortunate because I was hoping to buy the full version of Synthmaster One as it’s very good, but if I can’t easily do automation with it I don’t want it.

Hi maxbfrecka,

I’d suggest to inform KV331 about the issue.

Best wishes,